Dear Sir, with profound esteem to your High Office and Person, this Writer is of the considered opinion that, truth like all other good things may cost too much but it is a good thing to make fair comments.
Sir, it is conventionally verified and sickening that homosexuality is a crime in 38 out of 55 African nations with Cameroon inclusive. Concerned about the plights of LGBTI People in Cameroon and mindful of Cameroon’s International Treaty Commitments, that of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), specifically, the provisions contained in its Article 26, mindful of Section 45 of Law No: 96/06 of 18th January 1996, to amend the Constitution of 2nd June 1972, the ICCPR, takes precedence over domestic or national laws. With the above premise, this writer is of the considered opinion that, section 347 bis of the Cameroon Penal Code violates Cameroon’s International Treaty commitments.
It is relevant to make mention herein that, it was in line with the ICCPR, that, the UN Human Rights Committee critiqued and ruled that, criminalization of consensual same-sex between adults violates the ICCPR. To note, in May 2013, Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Cameroon at the United Nations Human Rights Council, 15 UN Member States made recommendations to Cameroon relating to its obligations to uphold basic Human Rights for LGBTI people.
Dear Sir, it is the considered opinion of this Writer that, LGBTI Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are LGBTI Rights. At this time when many Cameroonians are praying for His Excellency to run for the 2018 Presidential Elections, this Writer prays your Excellency, with profound conviction that, Rulers are God’s chosen and anointed people, to decriminalize same-sex conduct, considering the fact that, Cameroon is a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which provides for equal protection, non-discrimination, and the right to privacy.
Your Excellency, it is the considered opinion of this Writer that, the Cameroonian society of 1965, when the Cameroon Penal Code was enacted has changed significantly along with an evolving or germinating view of many percepts that were prohibited or outlawed decades ago and holds that, the criminalization of homosexuality in Cameroon is based on moral rather than legal grounds and opines for immediate decriminalization of same in order for Cameroon to comply with both its international treaty obligations and respect for the equality of its citizens.
Sir, the entire community has an immediate interest in the administration of criminal justice to guarantee peace and order in Cameroon. God bless President Pual Biya, God Bless Cameroon.
MEMBER: Human Rights Commission of the Cameroon Bar Association
FOUNDER AND HEAD: The Time Law Firm, Kumba
C.E.O: Pro Bono Group.