Environment-friendly Attitudes Encouraged


A youth development outfit, OGCEYOD, recently drilled peer educators on the dividends of environmental protection.

Innovative strategies to check climate change effects were topical in Bamenda recently when the Organisation for Gender, Civil Engagement and Youth Development, OGCEYOD, facilitated a workshop on best environmental practices in schools. It was all about helping youths to get involved, accompanied and reinforced to manage the environment.

The initiative was summed up in nurturing youths to become environment-friendly. It was against this back drop that OGCEYOD’s Project office, Kubi, debriefed participating peer educators on the need for urgent action to reverse the impact of global warming. He stressed the need for training on environment-friendly habits in communities, primary and secondary schools.  The Project Officer showcased a manual to ensure shared responsibility for healthy environmental practices.

Participants, who included Senior Secondary Education staff, were discussed key concepts, methods and tools of environmental education in schools, effects and importance of culture and society in environmental education and management, concept of biodiversity and conservation of natural resources, waste generation and management. It was a moment for the Regional Delegate for Environment and Nature Protection, Moma Henry Awah, to salute OGCEYOD for its frontline crusade against climate change.

He said young minds are able to appropriate strategies for a society free of climate change effects. The workshop identified environmental clubs and others created in secondary schools as useful for instilling the notion of environmental protection, conservation and sustainable management of the environment. Participants were inspired to promote and encourage the natural environment and its biological resources whose life-supporting services are most welcome.

Curtains dropped on the event with deforestation, global warming,  use of plastic packaging below 61 microns, stray animals,  invasion of wetlands and grazing lands,  bush fires, pollution etc, blamed for the ugly practices that hinder the crusade against climate change.