10 Celebrities Who Married Older Women

Male celebrities pretty much have their pick of some of the world’s hottest and glamorous women. Young, talented and handsome, these guys also have the fame, the fortune and the power.

But while some debonair male celebrities are busy hooking up with women their own age, others are using their stardom to cross off a boyhood fantasy – date an older woman who you had a crush on when you were a teenager.

All boys had an older crush when they were younger. But most had to admit that they’d never get to live out their fantasy. Let’s take a look at the 10 male celebrities who married older women and made men jealous everywhere.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher found fame through stoner comedy Dude, Where’s My Car? in which he played on half of a hapless pair who got high one night and couldn’t locate their car the next day.

In real life, Ashton is a smart, good-looking chap who probably had all the girls begging for his attention. He chose Hollywood royalty Demi Moore, who was fifteen years older than himself. No doubt remembering that scene from Ghost, he one day asked her out and eventually they fell in love and got married.

The marriage lasted seven years, eventually coming to an end in 2012.

Hugh Jackman

Australian actor hunk Hugh Jackman is arguably most famous for playing the part of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. Women have seen their body – and they dig it.

But Jackman has fended off all female interest, because he’s actually been married to the same woman for 20 years.

The same woman who is thirteen years his senior.

Hugh met Debora-Lee Furness back home in Australia in 1995 while working on an Australian TV show called Corelli. Despite the age gap, the pair hit it off and got married a year later.

They have a son and daughter together and divide their time between the U.S. and Sydney.

Aaron Johnson

A few years ago, few people had heard of Aaron Johnson. A teenage jobbing actor, he finally landed his big break when he starred in a 2009’s John Lennon biopic, Nowhere Boy.

While the film’s plaudits were generally reserved for its director Sam Taylor-Wood, Aaron didn’t mind too much because he had started dating said director, despite the fact that he was 19 and she was *coughs* 42.

Some might have argued that it was just a fleeting romance that often happens when two charged people work together on a film, but the pair got wed three years later and are still together now.

Their careers are going from strength to strength, too. Sam recently directed the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey, while Sam Taylor-Wood starred in Kick-Ass and Anna Karenina.

Guy Ritchie

When Madonna announced she was dating movie director Guy Ritchie in the late 1990s, there were a lot of “who?”s and even more quizzical glances.

Then Ritchie released his directorial debut Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels in 1998, and his career exploded.

Ten years younger than Madonna, Ritchie quickly achieved fame as a director of brash, British gangster movies. So it seemed odd that the quintessential English geezer would be dating the quintessential American Princess.

Then, in 2000, this odd couple married.

They went on to have two kids together, before splitting in 2008.

Taran Noah Smith

If you ever watched hit nineties U.S. sitcom Home Improvement, you’ll remember child star Taran Noah Smith, who played the youngest son.

He won a few awards for his performance and achieved a lot of fame. He also bagged himself a woman, Heidi Val Pelt, who he married just two years after the show finished.

He was still only seventeen, while she was thirty three.

The happy couple founded a vegan restaurant but eventually divorced in 2007.

Denzel Washington

Handsome and with a winning smile that can melt all our hearts, Denzel Washington is known for playing tough-but-nice guy roles in movies. From Fallen to Flight, he puts his whole soul into his roles.

Unfortunately for women everywhere, Denzel has been happily married since 1983. His wife, Pauleta Pearson, is six years older than himself. The couple met on the set of his movie debut, Wilma, and got hitched the same year.

Today they are widely known as one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples.

Roger Moore

Roger Moore played the role of 007 agent James Bond way before the franchise became a mega hit around the world. A far cry from the explosive high-jinks of todays Bond, Moore’s heyday was punctuated by martini’s on the rocks and quaint English haircuts.

Like all good Bond’s, though, Roger loved his women. A few years before be achieved role as 007, Roger got married to Dorothy Squires, an English gal who was thirteen years older than himself.

The relationship is best described as rocky and ended in 1968, after fifteen years. During the stormy affair, Squires is alleged to have thrown a brick through Moore’s window.

Good prep for the Bond movies!

Ben Foster

Ben Foster had a lot to live up to when he started dating Robin Wright because she could count Oscar winner Sean Penn among her ex-flames.

Ben did have a unique selling point though: He was fourteen years younger than her!

He clearly impressed Robin, and the pair are still together today.

Jonathan Plummer

Jonathan Plummer has led a highly turbulent life since marrying authoress Terry McMillan.

The pair achieved lots of attention when they got married, because she was forty seven while he was just a babe in arms at twenty four.

The pair managed to enjoy seven years of marriage, though, but eventually had to end it when Jonathan came out as gay.

He has since appeared on Oprah to discuss his sexuality and why he didn’t lie to Terry about his true feelings.

Wissam Al Mana

Wissam is only a minor celebrity in the western world, but is a huge deal in Qatar, where he revels in his role as a celebrity billionaire.

He achieved fame on our shores when he married American singer Janet Jackson, who is nine years older than him.

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